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Positively Empowering and Restoring

Ladies Se​lf-Esteem, Inc.

Urban Girls 4 C.L.E

Community. Leadership. Engagement ​

Every girl, no matter where she lives, deserves the opportunity to develop the promise inside of her.

Michelle Obama- Former First Lady of the United States of America

inspiring the community. 

Changing ​the Narrative.

 Urban Girls 4 C.L.E. is a fun and trendy initiative with a serious and heartfelt mission; to stand in support of girls from the inner-city. Our vision is to create awareness within our community and with stakeholders by way of educating, advocating, and sharing the stories of young girls from different neighborhoods in the city of Cleveland!

Community Educa​tion and Awareness

We are inspired to create awareness within our community through fun and engaging educational opportunities (social media, virtual intimate chats, pop-up events), with the belief that our community members will be more encouraged to take action one baby step at a time with the overall goal of our girls feeling supported. 

Shared Stories and Experiences 

Changing the narrative starts with truly understanding the story. We believe that creating opportunities for girls to share their stories and experiences will shine the light for others on the outside to see. Our goal is assist girls with using their voices and to walk in their power with hope that it will contribute to how they feel about their overall selves.